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Attention was also given to the communications of the FN: a new Mitterrand-inspired poster that featured her in a rural scene with the tagline « Appeased France », was designed in response to surveys that showed she was controversial with large segments of the French electorate. The slogan was later changed to « In the name and for the people » after it was interpreted as an attempt to make fun of her. During this time, campaign posters were removed of the FN logo, as well as Le Pen’s name.

Le Pen announced her candidacy in Lyon on February 4, 2017 declaring a referendum on France’s participation in the European Union, should she fail to reach her economic, territorial and legislative goals within the six-month period of negotiations. Her first appearance on TV, just four days later, snagged the highest viewing figures for France 2 since the 2016 presidential election (16.70% and 3.7 million viewers). [126] Her presidential campaign in 2017 emphasized Le Pen as a softer feminine and feminine persona, with an emerald-blue rose as a prominent campaign symbol. [127]


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The European Parliament voted on March 2 to lift Le Pen’s immunity against prosecution for posting violent imagery. In December of 2015, Le Pen tweeted an image showing James Foley being beheaded. This was removed after Foley demanded the removal. Le Pen also faced prosecution for having allegedly spent EU Parliament funds on her own political party; the lifting of her immunity from prosecution was not applicable to the ongoing probe into use of funds from the Parliament by the FN. [128]

Marine Le Pen with Vladimir Putin in Moscow 24 March 2017 in Moscow.

Le Pen has met with a variety of current heads of state, which included Michel Aoun from Lebanon,[129] Idriss deby from Chad, and Vladimir Putin.[131]

[132] An arson attack on the ground floor of the building that housed Le Pen’s campaign headquarters occurred at around 3:30 am on 13 April 2017 [133]

2017: Le Pen argued France as a nation was not the one to blame for the Vi roundup ‘d’Hiv’ during which Paris policemen arrested Jewish citizens and transferred the detained to Auschwitz during the Holocaust. She repeated the Gaullist theory that France was not represented in Vichy however, it was Charles de Gaulle’s Free France.

In the wake of , a shooting that was targeted at police officers was discovered. It was later ruled to be a crime suspect.

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