Front Nationnal – Le Pen

The father of Le Pen who was a member of the FN who held two interviews in April of 2015. These interviews contained controversial comments about World War II and minorities in France. The interview triggered a political crisis within the party. Marine Le Pen organised a postal vote in order to request FN members to amend the constitution of the party in order to ban her father from the party. J-M Le Pen pursued his campaign and the justice cancelled the vote. The FN executive board decided to remove Le Pen from the party it was founded over 40 years ago on the 25th August. Many observers noted Marine’s dependence upon her close advisor, Florian Philippot, a former left-wing technocrat. The party instigated a purge to expel the members who opposed the changes within the FN under Marine Le Pen’s direction.

Le Pen subsequently announced her candidacy for the presidency of the regional council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie in the 2015 regional elections, though she expressed her regret over the proximity of these elections to the next presidential election. Le Pen was first in the race on the 6th of December with 40.6 percent, and her opponent, the Socialist candidate, who scored 18.12%, withdrew. She declared her support for her right-wing opponent Xavier Bertrand who took the victory with 57.80 percent. Her niece Marion also lost under similar circumstances, but by less of a margin.

Second presidential candidate: 2016-2017

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